A Week In Oregon – The Places You Cannot Miss

The Oregon state in the United States is a renowned tourist spot attracting tourists from all over the world throughout the year. Tourist can find the beautiful coastal regions, the majestic volcanic mountains, the crystal clear lakes, the national parks and plenty of tourist attractions. In addition, you can also find the desert region with a widely diverse collection of restaurants hotels and historic attractions.

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Crater Lake National Park

Located in the Cascade Mountains of the southwestern region of Oregon, this crater lake national park is a must visit for the tourists from all over the world. It is not a crater, rather a caldera of an extinct volcano, the Mount Mazama. It is one of the best landscapes that is a pure delight to the eyes located in Oregon. This is a very famous weekend trip and camping is also available at the two extremely developed campgrounds. Hiking and backpacking opportunities are plenty here.

Mountain Hood National Forest

A sign at the entrance to Mt. Hood National Forest along the Wapinitia Highway near Maupin, Oregon.

This is the highest mountain peak in Oregon with a peak rising to 11,239 feet. On the slopes of the mountain are the downhill offering present at the Mount Hood Skibow. Additionally, there are also very beautiful viewpoints that are accessible to the tourist through the Mount Hood Scenic Loop. Hiking paths like the Timberline Trail is a must-do activity for the tourists. This scenic region is surrounded by the forest that fans out totally from the peak encompassing the beautiful waterfalls as well as the hot springs.


Surrounded by a thick stretch of national forests, the dry plains as well as the volcanoes, this is one of the most beautiful attractions of Oregon. This is located approximated in the center of Oregon. Some of the renowned activities to do in the Bend include the rafting towards the beautiful Deschutes River and skiing at the world-famous Mount Bachelor Ski Area. There are plenty of activities that can be performed in the bend area that should never be missed. Trips to the volcanic landscapes of the Lava Butte is a must. The High Desert Museum is enjoyed by people who love to know more scientific and cultural information about the arid regions around.

Hood River

This river is located right on the banks of the Columbia River and is a very renowned attraction sport in Oregon. This is a very well-known place for the kiteboarding sport and the windsurfing. Many adults and kids love to perform these activities in the region near the Hood River. Additionally, the place is known for the full range of outdoor sports that excite the tourists. The outdoor sports include biking, hiking, and camping. For people who prefer less of physical activity can visit the historic Columbia River scenic byway, the cultural attracts and visit the local shops. The aromatic coffee spots are very famous here along with the live music venues and the widely diverse range of hotels.

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

This is one of the most beautiful regions located in Oregon. This area follows the course of the renowned Columbia River. It cuts through the majestic Cascade Range which makes it a great landscape region. The gorge which is the boundary between Oregon and the Washington region is completely spectacular with incredible views and the numerous waterfalls that include the Multnomah Falls. This fall is beautiful and the tallest present in Oregon. Additionally, the region provides a diverse range of hiking and the biking trails along with excellent camping facilities.

Cannon Beach

Stormy weather over the city and beautiful coast line at Cannon Beach, Oregon taken from the edge of Ecola State Park. The lights of the city and bon fires on the beach are glowing in the fog

This is the most popular tourist resort that is situated on the northern Oregon Coast. This beach provides a stretch of sand and incredible views of the coastal rocks that are totally jagged. The Cannon Beach region is culturally diverse with plenty of restaurant options, the boutique shops and also the hotels that benefit the tourists a lot. The Ecola state park and the Tillamook Head provides excellent scenic landscapes to be explored. Haystack Rock is an incredible feature that is the highlight of the Cannon Beach region.

Oregon is a place of scenic beauty with beautiful landscapes, the coastal region, majestic mountains and also the volcanoes. This is one of the great tourist regions as it provides an opportunity for people to try some mind-blowing awesome activities during the trip.