Scenic Bikeways Launched In Oregon State Parks

In 2009 the Oregon Scenic Bikeways program launched several cycling routes in collaboration with Travel Oregon, Cycle Oregon, Oregon Department of Transportation and OPRD. This is an exclusive program of its kind in the US giving an opportunity to people to enjoy the cultural heritage and natural beauty of Oregon by cycling around the various routes. Travel Oregon and OPRD provide online information to riders planning their trips at along with providing resources like elevation profiles, printed ride maps, GPS data and indicating interesting spots on way. In fact, the Oregon State Parks have served over 40 million visitors in the year 2017.

The Scenic bikeways routes showcase the state history, local communities and amazing scenery in Oregon. These routes run through start parks on roads or paved paths, across mountain passes and high sandy deserts. Most bikeways are without cell service but riding on roads with both car and truck traffic.

Scenic bikeways have been given ratings of mild, moderate, challenging and extreme making it easy for bikers to choose accordingly.

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Mild Bikeway Routes

Mild bikeways feature casual rides on flat terrain and light traffic. Covered Bridges is a 35-mile loop mild bikeway where map, cue sheet and GPS are provided.

The features offered are beautiful lake views, covered bridges and colorful foliage. You pass through the historic Cottage Grove downtown and the Row River trail that is 17 miles long.

Moderate Bikeway Routes

The moderate bikeway routes are not for beginners but are great for those who bike regularly. Some of the moderate routes are

  • Crooked River Canyon is a 35-mile bike route that begins in Prineville downtown following the crooked river providing a picturesque view of cattle ranches and llama farms and finally entering the Crooked River Canyon.
  • Sherar’s Falls is a 33 miles long loop going through the alluring high desert canyon and along the Deschutes River towards Sherar’s Falls.
  • Madras Mountain Views is 30-mile-long that begins in a small town Madras riding through the rim overlooking Lake Billy Chinook and the seven peaks of Cascade Mountain Range.
  • Sisters to Smith Rock is a 37 mile route where you bike along pastures with the snow clad Cascade Mountains in the backdrop towards Smith Rock State Park where you can view the multi colored rock formations.
  • Wild River Coast is a 60-mile-long route where you will be able to enjoy the spectacular beauty of the Elk River, Basalt Sea, vast oceans and Cranberry bogs.
  • Tualatin Valley route is 50 miles long where you bike through the lush Tualatin River basin enjoying the wetlands and vineyards before you reach the Forest Grove.
  • Twin Bridges Loop is a 36-mile-long loop that begins from downtown Bend featuring the snow-clad Cascade Mountains, desert terrain, canyons and the Deschutes River

Challenging Bikeway Routes

The Challenging bikeway routes are for experienced cyclists who enjoy difficult rides where both climbing, and mileage is required

  • Grand Tour Loop is 134 miles long where you bike through the mountain ranges of Elkhorn Range, Blue Mountains, Oregon’s Eagle Cap Mountains and Wallowa Mountains
  • Cascading Rivers is a 70-mile-long route where you bike from Estacada to Detroit along the Breitenbush and Clackamas rivers enjoying the wilderness
  • Old West is a long loop of 174 mile where you start from Kam Wah Chung State Heritage Site and cycle past the Fossil Bed National Monument and the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness.

Extreme Bikeway Routes

For the extreme bikeway loops cyclists should be in top shape to be able to cycle all day and actually climb like mountain goats.

  • Blue Mountain Century is a 108-mile loop that cannot be completed in one day as you have to go up steep hills with a total elevation of 8,000 feet. Though this is a remote route starting in Heppner, but you can take in the gorgeous view of the Blue Mountains
  • Cascade Siskiyou is a biking route with 55-mile loop that is a steep and winding climb of 5,000 feet. The route provides breath taking views of the Volcano Pilot Rock and the Bear Creek Valley
  • Painted Hills is a 130-long route that meanders through Service Creek, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument and Spray & Mitchell. From here you can view the various colorful layers of the earth.