The Most Interesting Places To Visit In Newport City

The Most Interesting Places To Visit In Newport City

Newport City is located in the middle of the Pacific Coast and has a lot of magnificent places where you can visit. Here are some of the most interesting places worth spending time at:

Oregon Coast Aquarium

If you want to see underwater life in Oregon, then this is the best place to visit. You’ll walk through glass walk ways where you can see the marine life swimming overhead.

Nye beach

This is one of the most popular vacation spots on the Pacific coast. There are a number of galleries and events held here as well.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

This is Oregon’s tallest lighthouse with a height of 93 feet, and is also a great spot for viewing migrating whales.

Hatfield Marine Science Centre

It’s located next to Oregon Coast aquarium and has a lot of bright marine creatures that you can view.

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