About Us

We are a team of nature enthusiasts who have a wide experience of the entire nature trail system in the state of Oregon. Our main aim is to provide our readers with unique content of places that are hardly known by visitors, what we tend to call the “hidden gems” of Oregon.

We believe that everyone visiting this vast place should at least have a soulful experience with nature, one far from the large crowd’s common in many of the more popular attractions.

You’ll come to realize that there are some spectacular places where you can go for hours without seeing anyone else. These are the places that often lead to memorable experiences right in the heart of nature.

Our Mission

  • We aim to provide information about the best nature spots that you can only find in Oregon.
  • We also want to show the world the beautiful places that are a common feature here in Oregon.

Our Vision

We are looking forward towards a time where visitors in Oregon will be able to view all the unique features in Oregon, and not just the common ones. We believe that Oregon is a big place with attractions from west to east and from north to south. We therefore want to ensure that everyone gets to have the true Oregon experience. Chances are that you will fall in love with the place and have more subsequent trips back to this enchanting area.

Conservation Of Nature

With climate change comes a lot of destruction especially to our nature havens. There are also instances around the world that indicate the wanton destruction of natural habitats by human beings. These are some of the issues that we also want to address. We believe that conservation of nature starts by appreciating Mother Nature’s spectacular work and creations.

As nature enthusiasts, we are at the forefront of promoting the conservation of nature and wildlife. A better world starts with you and me, or as Gary Snyder puts it so well:

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”