20 Fascinating Facts About Oregon

Oregon is home to some of the best natural marvels and you can read more about Oregon’s attractions.  However, these are not the only features that will fascinate you.

While nature holds many marvels for us, there are several other aspects that make Oregon a great state to live in.

Are you thinking of travelling or moving to Oregon? Here are 20 interesting facts that will fascinate you.

1. Deepest Lake

Crater Lake

The depth of Crater Lake is close to 2,000 feet which makes it the deepest lake in America and among the top 10 deepest lakes in the world.

2. Shortest River

At 121 feet, D River happens to be the shortest river in the world. Surprisingly, the river did not have a name when it was listed in the Guinness Book of records and was just referred to as the “shortest river in the world”.

3. Mushroom Hunting

Mushroom hunting is so popular in Oregon that they even have a festival for it, “the Estacada Festival of the Fungus”. Many people visit the state to engage in mushroom hunting in a bid to find the rarest delicacies.

4. Tallest Barber Pole

72 ft. tall Barber Pole

Oregon holds the record for the tallest barber pole which measures at 72 feet. It is located in Forest Grove and was built in 1973 to rival the previous holder of the record that was located in San Antonio.

5. Longest Land Routes

Oregon is also home to one of the oldest and longest land routes used during the western expansion, the Oregon Trail. It stretches 2,200 miles long.

6. Second Most-Climbed Mountain

The second most-climbed mountain is said to be Mount Hood (that is, second to Japan’s Mount Fuji). This is because of the numerous visitors who climb this mountain every year.

7. Most Bicyclists

Portland, Oregon is said to have more bicyclists than any other city in America. The city is a bike friendly zone and even has weekly events that revolve around biking.

8. No Sales Tax

If you happen to be travelling to Oregon then you will definitely like the fact that they don’t charge any sales tax on their products. It’s among the only five states which do this (the other 4 are Alaska, New Hampshire, Delaware and Montana).

9. Unique Flag

Oregon State Flag

Oregon is the only state which has a different design on each side of its flag. It has a golden beaver on one side, and the state seal is featured on the reverse.

10. Largest Cheese Factory

The largest cheese factory in the world, the Tillamook Cheese Factory attracts many people every year. There are many self-guided tours around the premises and you can also sample one of their products or enjoy an assortment of fine food products in their gift shop.

11. Deepest River Gorge

Hell’s Canyon happens to be the deepest river gorge in North America. It stretches to 8,000 feet deep. It’s also a great place to experience nature.

12. Origin Of Nike Logo

Original Nike Logo

Athletics fans’ may not know that the Nike logo has its origins in Oregon. The logo was designed in 1971 by a Portland State University student who later on sold it for $35. However, she was later on compensated properly through stock in the 1980s.

13. Wooden Coins

North Bend used wooden coins during the great depression. This was after the only bank in the town got closed. Nowadays, the wooden coins still exist and are considered as legal tender though they are mostly held by coin collectors.

14. Biggest Mushroom In The World

Oregon is home to the biggest mushroom in the world. The mushroom covers 2,200 acres across the Oregon Mountains. It’s estimated to be 2,400 years old.

15. Oregon’s Name

History books do not detail as to where the name Oregon was obtained from. However there are speculations that it either refers to “ouregan”, a French word for hurricane, or “orejon”, a Spanish word referring to big ears.

16. Jefferson State In Oregon

Since 1941, South Oregon has made several attempts to secede from Oregon. Residents have even called themselves the State of Jefferson and made their own flag.

17. Boring City

There’s actually a city in Oregon known as Boring City. The residents must still have some sense of humor, as it is said to be sister cities with the Scotland town of Dull!

18. Largest Number Of Microbreweries

Enjoy craft beer at Portland

Portland is home to the largest number of microbreweries in the entire world. It’s also important to note that it has 60 major breweries as well. Lovers of a pint will enjoy tasting the craft beers to be found here.

19. Pirates’ Treasure

There is a legend that has been passed on over decades which lays credence to hidden bounty in the Neahkahnie Mountains in Oregon. There are many treasure hunters who’ve gone looking for it, with some having discovered clues as to the treasure’s whereabouts. However, no treasure has ever been discovered.

20. Capitol Building Fires

Two fires have engulfed the Capitol building located in Salem since it was built. The first fire happened in 1855 even before Oregon became a state, and then again in 1935.